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Recent school visits

Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to be one of the visiting writers on the Storylines Festival in Canterbury. This involved lots of visits to Canterbury schools, where I got to read some of Tui Street Tales to students. It was wonderful to meet the kids and to see gorgeous Canterbury. I also had lots of fun chatting with other writers on the tour with me. They were Maria Gill, James Russell and James Norcliff. Here's the link to some photos on Fendlaton Open Air School's website:

I had the pleasure of visiting Gladstone Primary School during their Book Fair week. This was extra special, as my son and daughter went to Gladstone. I got to chat with lots of students and sign copies of Tui Street Tales. One student, named Antoine Audonnet, sent me a review of Tui Street Tales that he did on YouTube. Click on this link to watch it:

I also visited Marist College's intermediate classes. This was a bit special too, as I used to go to this school long ago. The uniform's changed, there are new buildings too and they have a huge gym/auditorium now. It was great to tell the students some funny memories I have of being a student there too.

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