Author of 'Tūī Street Tales' and 'Tūī Street Heroes'

"mysterious and a little bit dark, but always great fun and thought-provoking"

The New Zealand Herald



Once upon a time some fairy tales came to Tūī Street and visited the people who lived there. There were some problems in the street: Jack's mother had secrets, the creek had dried up and Terri was being cyber-bullied, to name a few.


Following a fairy tale project at school, the children began to notice fairy tale themes to these problems. They had to explore the difference between fact and possibility as they sought answers. Much was at risk: a friend's safety, a morepork's life, the privacy of a Pacific princess. Added to this was the involvement of Aotearoa's landscape, birdlife and folklore.


Luckily, facing challenges led to unexpected achievements, such as coaching a wheelchair soccer team, pacifying a wild creature from Māori folklore and re-thinking stereotypes about giants. Everyone lived happily ever after. Well, as much as can be expected when you have homework and dishes to do.

What happens when you find yourself on a dangerous journey, and you’re expected to be the hero? Who can help when you’re faced with vicious creatures that are meant to be extinct or people who don’t care whether you live or die? The Tūī Street kids are writing Hero’s Journey stories at school, but soon find themselves involved in adventures more difficult than they could ever have imagined.

“The kids from Tūī Street make a welcome return as more awe-inspiring adventures await readers looking for a little - a lot - of magic.” – Dionne Christian, Canvas, NZ Herald.

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 St. Martin's School, Christchurch March  2018, Canterbury Storylines Festival Tour

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